27 March 2021

Coping With Stubborn Tenants


Coping With Stubborn Tenants

There are different types of tenants all over the world, but the main concern for this topic is Nigeria especially in Lagos.

As it is known to many people, Lagos,   Nigeria is the commercial capital of West Africa and the major commercial hub of Nigeria.

In Lagos accommodation is one of the challenges people face. As we have bad landlords so also we have bad tenants.

To be sincere the cost of renting an apartment on this side of the world is no joke at all, but it all depends on choice of location so the prices vary.

On the other hand, some tenants are not really ready to rent an apartment, may be because of peer pressure or family pressure they want to impress them at the end of the day landing them into troubles.

Some tenants can only survive when they come together in twos or threes to get an apartment, the moment they are alone they can not cope any more, paying utility bills becomes a big problem for them.

Most of the people in this category don't really think deep, all they do is follow trend (follow follow).

In all of these, some of these subborn tenants have got attitude issues, arrongance, bad communication, gossips, rudeness and more.

Can We Really Cope With Bad Tenants?

Is it really possible to get along with bad tenants???? Can we get a yes for this.. If something is bad it is bad I don't think it has any other name.

Tenants like these are always difficult to cope with because they don't want to pay for anything in the house they live. They always look for excuses, they are always busy at work. Before you get them to pay for anything you must have put across so many calls, send many WhatsApp and sms messages before they will pay.

Another aspect of this subject, stubborn/ bad tenants is synonymous to certain tribe in Nigeria, it is believed that such attitude is common to that tribe especially those of them living in Lagos. I don't want to believe this is true, it is an  individual thing. But some people have put up arguments that such behaviour is predominant in that particular tribe.

Some properties have rules and regulations you must follow when you want to rent them but some tenants will read the terms and conditions before they come in, by the time they come in they will break all the rules.

For instance, if they want to rent an apartment they can go to any length to get the apartment no matter how expensive but the moment they pay for agreed number of years for the first time they will pay again. This is what I meant, if they pay for 2years rent, they will stay for like 5years without paying any dime dime with serious troubles.

Check out another senerio,  tenants that were told that he/she will be paying 6months advance payment for utility bills only for them to pack in and start acting on the contrary. So the landlord/landlady will have to start calling, texting or even in some cases knocking on their doors before bills are paid  in the era where we have phones that can make the job easier.

Due to their stubborness calling them on phone may not work because some of them can actually block your number on their phone thereby preventing their landlord from having access to them, can you imagine that???

It is not easy coping with bad tenants, any tenant that doesn't want to cooperate the best option is to serve them quit notice by your lawyer to avoid re-occurring controversy.

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