11 September 2021

Belief System In Nigeria

Dependent Of Nigerians

Before we proceed let us define the term belief system. 

According to study.com, a belief system is an ideology or set of principles that helps us to Intepret our everyday reality. This could be in the form of religion, political affiliatio, philosophy or spirituality, among many other things. These beliefs are shaped and influenced by a number of different factors.

People will do things with tax payers money and he will expect people to praise him. People will get contract from, the contract will not be executed and he will be bragging that he collected the money without doing the contract and his people will be happy for him.

There is this general believe about women that men are supposed to do everything for them. Take for instance, every girl believes a guy must pay for them when they go out on a date. Even the so called feminists who believe male and female are equally still believe that men should do the spending despite the fact they believe that men and women are supposed to be equal.

In Nigeria, we believe that when you are going into politics you are going to make money, former American president, Bill Cliton was broke as US president but after his rule he became rich from being consultant to different companies. In Nigeria reverse is the case, being in government you must be super rich according to the believe of the people.

Some geopolitical regions in Nigeria believe the political power belong to them, to the extent that the slogan of one of the states from that region was BORN TO RULE before it was later changed. They believe the country belong to because of their dominance. They do not believe in traveling out of the country for greener pastures outside the country even if go out of the country to study they will surely come back because they have ready made everything in Nigeria waiting for them.

In the case of husbands and wives in Nigeria, the wives believe the men are supposed to everything in the house. There is this popular saying that, "men's money is our money but women's money is my money", this means that the husband's money belongs to the husband and wife but the wife's money belongs to the wife alone.

Naturally in this part of the world men believe they are supposed to responsibilities which they were made to believe as they grow up, on the other hand women are made to believe that they are supposed to collect from men and depend on them.

On the aspect of rich and poor men, the rich believe they should work hard and get richer while the poor believe they should depend absolutely on the rich which is a very wrong believe. They have this believe of entitilement that must collect from the rich people instead of working hard and smart to make their own wealth.

In tertiary institution s, the students (boys and girls) are supposed to go to school to attend lectures, read, engage in some other activities and then sit for their exams. Some of the students will not read and they expect to come out with fly colours. Since some of them are not interested in reading they believe they can use their bodies to get marks as in the case of the girls while the boys use money to bribe the ways.

In some instances, some friends believe their rich friends who worked so hard to make his/her money should be giving them money. Some of these people are not ready to work for anything all they want is to obtain free money from people, in local parlance it is called AWUF. Some people even believe if you have money you should be giving them without asking for it.

I want to share a story with you, a young man bought a house in Lagos and he left the building for about three years when he was ready to renovate the building, different people started coming to collect money from him all in the name of the guy is rich and they believe it is their right to collect the money from him. The different people were, omo onile, omo adugbo in different forms, and so on.

Some believe the country belong to them because they get things done at their beck and call. Imagine people getting appointment letters at the comfort of their homes while otgers are there struggling to get it. Some have all the connections so they believe the world is theirs.

We have different belief systems in this part of the world that are not friendly, the bottom line is to change our mindset for us to forge ahead.

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